Monday, April 17, 2006

Every sitcom, hackneyed movie, and David Sedaris was right. Holidays can only be tolerated with large quantities of alcohol.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

the fluke hates easter too.

The madness has to stop! I'm watching X-Files 24 hrs a day. I just finished season 1 and now I'm on season 2 (and in panic that the X-Files marathon of hermiting could end in the near future, I've already ordered season 3). It's worse than that, I ordered sushi for lunch and falafel for dinner last night, I'm really hibernating.

I'm trying to extricate myself from the tentacles of Mulder and Scully's big love and my renewed belief that the government is engineering viral bees for our destruction by going to Easter dinner today. Ugh, hate the holidays, and I was only able to eat one Cadbury easter creme egg this season. I know, bad for the diet, but those eggs are like sweet crack. And you can't find them anywhere in the city!! I bet hipsters use them in their installation art. Bad mood brought to you by Christian holidays, here I come!