Friday, February 02, 2007

Apocalypse watch: Sign #23249

I think I'll watch the skies for the rain of fire after reading this.


No, I'm not quitting smoking...quite yet. But I do resolve to blog more, just for my own sense of consistency and responsibility. And also my loyal readership (2. Small, but vocal!) is scandalized at my slackerness.

So I've really been trying new things lately. Like yoga almost every day, a financial budget for the first time in my life (v. pathetic) so that's good, right? I thought about trying to be a nicer person and not write mean emails about amputees on the subway who take off their prosthetic legs and then talk about their raging infection sites, but then I realized that it was my horrifyingly confused Christian upbringing rearing its ugly head again so I beat it into quietude. Resolution #34242: Suppress Christian upbringing more regularly.

Om, shanti shanti.