Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Is there a Moral Majority in the Lake of Fire?

Because he spent most of his life suggesting that gays, women seeking abortions, Tinky Winky, atheists and Muhammed were going to hell, I sincerely hope that Jerry Falwell had a chance, in the split second second before his huge, congested heart stopped, to reflect upon his life full of vitriol and hate and wonder if he was headed in that direction too.

Farewell, Falwell (Ha ha, alliteration puns. What a perfect parting gift for a hated man, my most hated form of humour.) , you crazy bastard. I hope you made some people happy in your lifetime because for a lot of people, you were a a beacon of racism, religious intolerance, and insanity. But hopefully your dog and grandchildren liked you.