Friday, October 31, 2008


Fine, I can't do the backwards hand touch to the ground move, nor can I do the backwards running man.

Only the sexy chairdancing people

I'm sitting in my office and listening to "In a Big Country" on and it was making me feel all teary because it's very earnest and hopeful. I wanted to hear it again, so I watched the video. Bad idea.
Suffice it to say, I think there was a scavenger hunt.
And the scavenger hunt map was titled, "Big Country."
Videos totally suck.
Except for the original Charlie. And Charlene.

But wait. Videos can be used for good. I just taught myself all of Pepa's moves (whatever moves are appropriate for chair dancing) in "Push It" and my office is not a bleak hellmouth for 4:33 minutes.

P.S. I'll tell you before my sister rats me out. I used to think this song was "Shut up, it's bullshit." So I used to run around the house yelling that. Until my 7-year-old sister corrected me. HATE. Still better than a 12-year-old singing the real words.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

'Republicans, also seem to 'have opted for an anti-mind strategy,' Mr. McCumber said, adding that some of them 'seem to be in denial of obvious facts, such as the theory of evolution. How can you support that as an academic?'"

This week in obvious news:
"Donors From Academe Favor Obama by a Wide Margin" (

Usually I'm a sucker for the underdog, but I don't feel a twinge of that when I think of Obama outstripping McCain in fundraising (8 to 1, what what! I actually tried to donate yesterday and you have to be a legal permanent resident or a citizen. I'm sure I could fudge it, but somehow I can see myself bringing down the entire Obama administration with my donation--I can see it now--"PENNYGATE: OBAMA'S MONEY FROM BROWN CANADIAN HONEY.") There's actually talk of whether he will be able to spend all that he has in his coffers in the next two weeks. That's a new one for me too. Usually the idea of politicians rolling around in big piles of money chaps my behind, but now I think I would feel fine about Obama making busts of himself out of cheese and adding them to our stimulus cheque care packages. Why not? Wisconsin is a swing state.

Speaking of the coming of the end-times, I'm looking forward to this.