Thursday, May 01, 2008

Why I LOVE YouTube (seven years too late)

Because of "Throw Your Arms Around Me", by Hunters & Collectors. Yeah, I know, no one has ever heard of it. But I remember it from my youth, and I remember it used to make me cry because it was so 'romantic'. Unfortunately I think I might have been about 15 when I heard it for the first time, and at that time my only outlet for romance and melty feelings was Wuthering Heights and imagining my life as Ms. (what what, feminist at 15) Bono (oops. Maybe a traditionalist too. Down with the man!). I don't think I even kissed my pillow at that age.

At any rate, I would hear it on the radio occasionally, and managed to tape it (you all remembering doing it) from CFNY, Toronto's alternative rock station (before it became the lamest station in the universe). Eventually, I wore out the tape. I could have bought the CD, but I thought that with the advent of digital music, I would be able to find it online. Eddie Vedder did a version. As did Neil Finn. But no Hunters & Collectors. So today, when Pickle sent me the video for "Common People" and I was chairdancing because we're both really poor and common, it occurred to me to try YouTube. Ladies and gentleman (Flushy is the only man who reads this blog) here it is:

I know it looks like Stephen Colbert singing to Charlene (just google it, you won't regret it. Damn Viacom). But remember, I was really young. Shh. I'm imagining myself running through a dusky heath somewhere in a wedding dress. Probably being chased by the lead singer of Hunters & Collectors (how come this song sounds violent to me now? Tears). But no one said love was easy.