Monday, November 20, 2006

Shamefully excited

Anton Corbijn is making a biopic about Ian Curtis and Joy Divison. Some kid, Sam Riley is going to play him. He's a bit too dishy, but it works.

I think "Love will Tear Us Apart" is one of the most-covered songs ever. This is kind of awesome, but then I read that U2 touched it with their tentacles of lameness and performed it with Arcade Fire. Shudder.

You know it's time to do some wikiresearch...

When your company is installing RSS readers on your computer and you don't even know what it means except for trying to panicked-ly trying to close Firefox and iTunes before Sparky with the clipboard erases my hard drive. Our IT department gave an indepth orientation on Outlook when I first started here, to give you an idea of their tech-savvy.It's like reading Rolling Stone for the latest in indie music.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Even though this week is the CareBears National Care Week, today I:

1. Got yelled at by an unCaring author.

2. Got almost knocked over by an old lady in front of Whole Foods, causing me to stumble into my own hair with my cigarette. I lost a 2-inch tress.

According to the Care Calendar, I was supposed to hold a door open for someone today. Instead, my hair smells like burning hell.