Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Day!

I'm around for another little while longer! Thank you, American government (words that usually taste like ashes on my tongue). I'll keep spending, paying my taxes, having terrible health care coverage and loving it, and not be able to vote and living in a hovel in Brooklyn (what what) and you keep approving my visa applications, okay? Clearly a higher power wants this (see above).

Monday, December 04, 2006

For menorah's sake...

I'm trying to find an appropriate Hanukkah present for a middle-aged couple who have everything. I don't know them well enough to give them this, but wouldn't it be fun if I could? I'm just going to end up sending them a big bag of chocolate candy
(gelt, I love learning new words) that will invariably melt in the mail into a big pile of golden-flecked chocolate seeping through packing materials and then they're going to shake their head (middle-aged couples only have one head), wipe smeared chocolate off their hands and shiny floors and think of the many Jewish girls their son could be dating instead but I'll be laughing because I'm totally converting him into a Zen Buddhist. What a shanda.